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Air-Flow Mechanical is Cincinnati's leading HVAC company, delivering a great customer service experience. Our priority is making sure you, your home or business stay comfortable year-round. Our team has the necessary training, certifications, and integrity. We offer the best rates in town and strive to reach excellence with every customer. We work hard to provide an experience that exceeds your expectations.

Whether you are at work, relaxing at home, or enjoying the company of friends and family, Air-Flow and our EPA certified team will keep you comfortable. We remain client-focused during every phase of the project to help install, repair or maintain your commercial or residential system.



Going Green With HVAC

One downside to summer is the increase in air conditioning usage. According to the Rocky Mountain Institute––an organization that is transforming global energy use for a cleaner future–– air conditioning accounts for nearly 50% of the energy use in the United States during peak summer months.

3 Ways to Keep Allergens Out of Your Home

Ready to welcome the smell of freshly cut grass, the touch of warm sunshine and upcoming vacation time. However, with all the good that comes with Spring time, there are a few annoyances too; there is the return of bugs, the pressure to get back in shape and of course...allergies.

Helpful Hints For Your Humidifier

Humidifiers can help fight off the harsh winter and dry air. Humidifiers effectively maintain the humidity levels in your home by adding moisture to the air when it's dry; this is especially important for those colder and dry months.

"Airflow has been out to my place for service to my furnace and A/C. Very professional and knowledgeable. Would definitely use them again and have referred them to friends and family."


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