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Thermostat Installation


Thermostats We Offer

Signs It's Time For A New Furnace

  • Reads Wrong Temperature

Smart Home Thermostat

  • These allow you to set specific schedules, control and view your systems temperature from a remote location, as well as automatically change the temperature to help save you money by not cooling or heating your home when you aren't there. Controllable through an app interface on your smartphone and can often be connected to Google Home, Amazon Alexa or other smart home applications.


Non Programmable

  • These are your most basic electric thermostats. You have to control them manually and they don't have the ability to set schedules. They allow simple controls and are easily operated.


  • These allow you to set schedules which automatically change the temperature so you can save money by not cooling or heating your home when you aren't there.  They include many of the user friendly benefits a non-programable, basic thermostat would have. Energy Star estimates that you could save $180 a year with a programmable thermostat.

If you’re still stuck with the hassle of a manual thermostat, consider upgrading to a programmable  or smart thermostat. With a manual thermostat, you have to change the temperature of your home, but programmable thermostats are smart enough to operate according to pre-programmed settings to automatically adjust to the perfect temperature for you.

  • Non-Responsive To Changes

  • System Doesn't Turn On

  • Rapid On/Off Cycling

  • Outdated Thermostat

  • System Runs Non-Stop


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Ductless System


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New Thermostat


Starting At: $150.00

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