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Terms & Conditions

The customer shall provide reasonable access to the equipment being serviced as per Air-Flow Mechanical Services, Inc. instructions and allow our personnel to stop and start all equipment necessary to perform agreed maintenance/service or repair. The customer will also establish that all work areas shall be free of hazards (asbestos, insects, rodents, chemicals, mold, etc...) and to clear working area of any hazards that would inhibit the installation or repair. If the hazard is found during the time of service, all work will cease until the customer has corrected matters appropriately at customer's expense. Also, after investigation, Air-Flow Mechanical Services, Inc. reserves the right to automatically terminate the service order/invoice if the equipment that is to be serviced is found to be in extremely poor condition.

At times, the customer may request that Air-Flow Mechanical Services, Inc. provides additional or amended services not covered by the existing service order/invoice. The two parties may, but are not required to, agree to a change in services either by amending the service order/invoice in existence or by signing a new service order/invoice. Such a change, if carried out, will specify the services to be performed by Air-Flow Mechanical Services, Inc., but not limited to, price terms.


The customer will compensate Air-Flow Mechanical Services, Inc. for the services rendered, supplies, and materials needed, in accordance with the terms, conditions, and payment schedule outlined in the service order/invoice. Customer will make complete payment to Air-Flow Mechanical Services, Inc. on completion of services rendered, according to the terms listed on service order/invoice from Air-Flow Mechanical Services, Inc. with the indicated prices of services performed. Such service order/invoice from Air-Flow Mechanical Services, Inc. will itemize any reimbursable expenses. Any late payments will accrue a late fee monthly, or the maximum rate allowed by applicable law.

The customer agrees to pay and be responsible for any additional gross amount of any present or future sales, use, excise, value-added, or other similar tax, however, designated applicable to the price sale or delivery of any products, services or the work furnished hereunder or for their use by Air-Flow Mechanical Services, Inc. on behalf of the customer whether such tax shall be local, state, or federal in nature. This will include but not be limited to the recovery, recycling, reclamation, handling and disposal of all refrigerants, and the additional costs incurred for refrigerant tax and/or increased costs due to limited availability.




When a customer makes an emergency service request, Air-Flow Mechanical Services, Inc. reserves the right to charge the customer the emergency service labor rate and fees.  In addition, at the discretion of Air-Flow Mechanical Services, Inc., a new Service Order Invoice may be obtained by Air-Flow Mechanical Services, Inc. before the work is performed.



Limited Warranty: All materials, parts, and equipment are warranted by the manufacturers' or suppliers' written warranty only. All labor performed by Air-Flow Mechanical Services, Inc, is warranted for 365 days or as otherwise indicated in writing. Air-Flow Mechanical Services, Inc. makes no other warranties, expressed or implied and its agents or technicians are not authorized to make any such warranties on behalf of Air-Flow Mechanical Services, Inc.

However, this does not free Air-Flow Mechanical Services, Inc. of liability for damage to property or injury to persons resulting from accidents caused by the negligence of Air-Flow Mechanical Services, Inc. in the performance of its obligation as specified on the service order/invoice.


Emergency Work


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