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Helpful Hints For Your Humidifier

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

We are putting up with quite a cold winter this year, which means homeowners are experiencing more dry air throughout their homes. Luckily, humidifiers can help fight off this harsh winter. Humidifiers effectively maintain the humidity levels in your home by adding moisture to the air when it's dry; this is especially important for those colder months. Winter air has very low humidity that can lead to scratchy throats, itchy skin, bloody noses and can further aggravate sinuses and asthma. A humidifier works to regulate these humidity levels to lead to overall better air quality and a healthier home. Here are three essential ways to ensure you are getting the most out of your humidifier.

1. Keep it Clean
It is important to change your filter at least once a year in your homes humidifier.

Regardless of what kind of humidifier you have, it needs to be cleaned at least once a year by hand. Humidifiers work by using evaporation to balance out different humidity levels, and because they use water, mold and bacteria can build up without proper cleaning. These toxins can infiltrate your indoor air quality so it's important to change your filter or pad. If your humidifier is mounted to your furnace, it can be useful to clean out your water reservoir before and after the heating season. You can also use anti-bacteria solution to help clean it out (or white vinegar).

2. Get it Checked Annually
Remove the cover and check to see if it needs cleaned.

The best way to make sure your humidifier is working properly is to get it checked out once a year. Air-Flow technicians can not only help install humidifiers, but they can also conduct annual checkups. They know how to change water panels, give you advice on how to work them, and provide other services for your furnace humidifier. You can schedule an appointment before or after the winter season to make sure it is clean and working to its full potential.

3. Shut it Off When Necessary
Humidifiers are nice to have during the winter, to increase the humidity of the dry air. It is important to shut off your humidifier during the summer or close the humidifiers damper.

Sometimes homeowners forget to turn off their central humidifiers when coming out of the heating season and into the cooling season. This can usually cause problems within the humidifier as well as preventing your air conditioning from dehumidifying the air when its warmer. This is also a great time to clean your humidifier and leave it dry until next winter! Another useful trick so that you aren't always adjusting the humidity levels, is to set automatic control. Then, you can set the level of humidity right for your home and not worry about it daily. Automatic control can read temperatures to make it most comfortable for you and your family. If you don't already have a humidifier installed in your home, it can be worth looking into one.

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