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Air-Flow: The Best Option for Your Spring Tune Up

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

By Karly Dwenger

Don't wait for your A/C unit to go out before you think about scheduling a spring tune up for your HVAC system. Be proactive and schedule a maintenance appointment with Air-Flow before it's too late and you're sitting in the dog days of summer with no A/C relief. Spring is the best time for this kind of service.

Calling now will allow for more flexible scheduling and more efficiency as well. The dirtier your system gets, the harder it has to work. This could result in you constantly messing with your thermostat, lowering the temperature and yet still experiencing a hot and humid home. During a tune up our technicians will overall boost your system and improve the efficiency by cleaning out the A/C’s coils, motor and other components.

Being proactive will also help prevent emergencies later in the season. Just like the saying "it will help you in the long run," scheduling now could prevent further problems or rule out any concerns with the system. Making sure everything is up and running now will benefit you and your family later.

Improper maintenance is the number one reason for failing A/C units. Majority of issues begin with small problems like dirt, rust, or broken parts that can be checked on during a tune up. Annual spring inspections and cleaning can ensure a longer lifespan of your unit as well as saving you the cost of a replacement or emergency service.

What Our Technicians Do

- Offer world class service

- Check the filter

- Clean condensor

- Check pressure

- Check outside temperature

- Check temperature supply air

- Check temperature return air

- Inspect overall operation of unit

- Clean indoor coil

- Check blower amps

- Check condenser amps

- Check drain

- Look for any other problems

Call us today to schedule your A/C tune up or our request service on our website!

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