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Cooling Service & Installation


Installation -

Almost everyone has a to-do list for their home and it just continues to grow. One thing you can afford to cross off of your list,is a new A/C unit. Air-Flow makes it affordable for you to get a new system installed and have a cool and comfortable home again in no time. Our prices beat the competition and we gurantee to restore your comfort.

Factors That Effect Price

Signs It's Time For A New System

  • Higher Energy Bills

  • Your Unit Is Old

  • Home Comfort Issues

  • Paying for Expensive Repairs

  • A/C Unit Uses R-22

​Unit SEER Rating

  • SEER tells you how efficient the A/C will be. A high-efficiency A/C will help lower your monthly electric bills, but it will cost more up front.

Comfort Features

  • Variable speed blowers, smart thermostats, two-stage compressors are all features that help make you more comfortable. These features will require more of an upfront cost


​Unit Size

  • All homes need a different size A/C. Bigger units are more expensive; smaller units are less expensive. The size perfect for your home awaits.

Fixing Ductwork Issues

  • Some homes have issues with their existing duct work. These issues will require repair before we start our install process but will allow your new system to run as you would expect it to.


Service - 

In the Greater Cincinnati area, the weather can be exceptionally unpredictable. But when summer comes rolling in, things can heat up and fast. When the heat hits and you find yourself struggling to keep cool, look to the experts at Air-Flow to provide the top-quality cooling services you need!

5 Signs Your A/C Needs Repaired

​1.A/C Is Blowing Warm Air

It's important for your A/C to work during the warm months and to run efficiently. If your A/C starts to have problems during the hottest time of the year it's important to have a professional HVAC technician out for a repair. 

2.The Thermostat Is Not Working​

The thermostat's job is important and it acts as the command center for your A/C system. The thermostat tells your air conditioner how much air flow to generate for the home and measures the temperature. A broken thermostat needs to be fixed or replaced right away.

3.Loud Noise Is Coming From The Unit

If you hear squealing or grinding coming from the unit while it is running then this could be a sign of a loose part or a belt slipping off. Shut off your system and call a technician to prevent further damage and more repairs. 

4.Freon Leaking Around The Unit

In the most serious cases a leak from your unit is a sign of a refrigerant leak. You should call an HVAC expert immediately to resolve this issue. Most commonly the moisture around your unit is from the condensation drain being blocked.

5.Your Electric Bill Has Doubled

If your power bill increases and it doesn't correspond with how often you run your system there may be an issue. Some of the causes for this happening, includes leaks in your ductwork, broken thermostat switch, or the age of your system. 

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