Cooling Repairs

In the Greater Cincinnati area, the weather can be exceptionally unpredictable. But if there is one thing we can count on, it’s that when summer comes rolling in, things can heat up and fast. When the heat hits and you find yourself struggling to keep cool, look to the experts at Air-Flow to provide the top-quality cooling services you need!

Most Common A/C Repairs

  • Compressor Replacement

  • Refrigerant Charge

  • Thermostat Replacement

  • Capacitor Replacement

  • Condenser Fan Motor


5 Signs Your A/C Needs Repaired

​1.A/C Is Blowing Warm Air

You don't pay your energy bills just to have a hot house in the summer. It's important for your A/C to work during the warm months and to run efficiently. If you your A/C starts to have problems during the hottest time of the year it's important to have a professional HVAC technician out for a repair. 

2.The Thermostat Is Not Working​

The thermostat has a very important job and is the command center for your home's A/C system. Your home needs the thermostat to tell your air conditioner how much air flow to generate for the home as well as measure the temperature in the home. If your A/C isn't turning on or if it only runs for short periods of time before shutting off again, this could be a sign of a broken thermostat. 

3.Loud Noise Is Coming From The Unit

If you hear squealing or grinding coming from the unit when it is running then this could be a sign of a loose part or a belt slipping off. It is very important to shut off your system and call a technician out to prevent further damage and more expensive repairs. 

4.Freon Leaking Around The Unit

Signs of water or moisture leaking anywhere around your unit is a bad sign. In the most serious cases this is a sign of a refrigerant leak. Freon is poisonous so you should call an HVAC expert immediately for this problem. In less serious cases the moisture around your unit is caused by the condensation drain being blocked or broken. 

5.Your Electric Bill Has Doubled

A power bill that increases and doesn't equally correspond with how often you run your system is a sign that your in need of a repair. There are multiple causes for this happening, including leaks in your ductwork, a broken thermostat switch, or the age of your system. Regardless of the source, your A/C will need a repair. 

Air Conditioning


Starting At: $89.00

Ductless System


Starting At: $89.00

New Thermostat


Starting At: $150.00

Repair Process

1. Schedule Your Repair

Contact us online or call us at 513-851-3569 to request a repair. You'll talk to a friendly customer service representative to find a time that works within your busy schedule.

2. Recieve A Call From Your Technician

Your professionally-trained tech will call you while they are on their way to your home, so you know exactly when they will be arriving.

3. See Upfront Pricing

Your technician will carefully inspect your A/C system, diagnose the problem, explain the solution and provide you a cost estimate—before any work begins.

4. Same Day Repair

In most cases, your technician can get the part needed—either from their truck or a nearby warehouse—to repair your A/C that same day.

5. Give Us Feedback

Finally, we'll ask for your feedback on how we did so we can make sure you were 100% satisfied. And if you're not? Let us know, we'll make things right!