Cooling Installations

Almost everyone has a to-do list for their home and it just continues to grow. If there is one thing you can afford to cross off of your list, it's a new a/c unit. Thanks to Air-Flow you can get a new system installed and have a cool and comfortable home again in no time. Our prices beat the competition and your home will feel new again after our experts install your new air conditioning. 

Signs That It's Time For A New A/C System

  • Higher Energy Bills

  • Your Unit Is Old

  • Home Comfort Issues

  • Paying for Expensive Repairs

  • A/C Unit Uses R-22

Factors That Effect Price

​   Unit SEER Rating

  • SEER tells you how efficient the A/C will be. A high-efficiency A/C will help lower your monthly electric bills, but it will cost more up front.

   Comfort Features

  • Variable speed blowers, smart thermostats, two-stage compressors are all features that help make you more comfortable. These features will require more of an upfront cost.

​   Unit Size

  • All homes need a different size A/C. Bigger units are more expensive; smaller units are less expensive. The size perfect for your home awaits.

   Fixing Ductwork Issues

  • Some homes have issues with their existing duct work. These issues will require repair before we start our install process but will allow your new system to run as you would expect it to.

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Starting At: $150.00

Installation Process

1. Request Your Free Estimate

Contact us online or call us at 513-851-3569 to request a free estimate. You'll talk to a friendly customer service representative to find a time that works within your busy schedule.

2. Recieve A Call From Your Technician

Your professionally-trained tech will call you while they are on their way to your home, so you know exactly when they will be arriving.

3. See Upfront Pricing and Options

Once the technician arrives, they will talk to you about your comfort needs and do the necessary calculations to find the Furnace that is right for you. You will receive your installation quote before install, so there are no surprises!

4. Install Within 48 Hours

Our install crew tries to make sure the installation you purchased happens as soon as possible according to your schedule. If we can't schedule within 48 hours, then we make it a priority to schedule it for the next closest time slot.

5. Give Us Feedback

Finally, we'll ask for your feedback on how we did so we can make sure you were 100% satisfied. And if you're not? Let us know, we'll make things right!